Looking for accounting help for your small business but feeling overwhelmed?

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 Maybe you started your business quickly intending to take care of the accounting stuff later, and now you don’t know where to start.  Maybe you have been wearing this hat for your  business for a while and want to delegate this piece.

Whatever your reason is, we can help. Our defensive bookkeeping strategies ensure you are tracking the right things throughout the year in order to maximize your cash flow while minimizing your tax burden.


/dəˈfensiv/ /ˈbo͝okˌkēpiNG/

term we’ve coined to illustrate how our bookkeeping method helps business owners protect their assets, their business, and the tax strategies we put into place.

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Defensive Bookkeeping in Action

Why should you care about your bookkeeping?

Many business owners unknowingly play what the IRS calls “the audit lottery” and assume that their bookkeeping will withstand an audit. You sign a waiver that protects your accountant/tax preparer from “bad bookkeeping” – we want to make sure that you are protected too. Quality bookkeeping systems and ongoing maintenance ensure that you can prove your transactions to withstand an audit.

This issue can also arise in the event of a loan application, payroll audit, and changing entities

This issue can also arise in the event of a loan application, payroll audit, and changing entities.

Are you missing a payment from a client?
Did you get double charged from a vendor?
Did your merchant processor pay you the correct amount?

How do you know if this is currently happening?

Our standard process looks at 25+ specific items in your bookkeeping to ensure accuracy so that nothing falls through the cracks.

For example, we had a client that was not  reconciling their third party processors (think: Square/Stripe/Venmo) and we found that almost $30k had not been deposited.  If not for our involvement, the client would have never known that the money was not in their bank account and the issue would not have been resolved. 

Up to date bookkeeping gives you clarity into the health of your business which allows you to make decisions for your business that are backed by data instead of guesswork. The things you learn about your business with regular bookkeeping maintenance Here are just a few examples of the types of decisions you can make if you have reliable bookkeeping:
  • Manage and control expenses
  • Plan and monitor cashflow

Tax strategies aren’t effective without accurate bookkeeping. Why? – Because nearly all deductions you would be eligible for need supporting documentation to substantiate. 

You don’t want to risk overstating or understating your ventures, as that results in penalties and costs associated with amending taxes (and several other headaches). 

Our approach is to outline your tax strategy first, so that we can ensure your bookkeeping tracks everything necessary to ensure you don’t pay more than you have to when it comes to tax time


It can cost you more $ to wait

The longer you wait to “clean up the books”, the more it can cost you in both professional fees and possible penalties. Aside from it being less expensive to maintain your books rather than catch up, it can also be more accurate for tracking things like expenses because you are looking at them much more frequently. 

Human error in bookkeeping can be the biggest expense your business incurs, and you might not even realize it!

"My business is too small" "I don't have that much going on" "It is very straightforward" "I feel like a burden to my accountant" "my business is simple, why is my accounting so difficult?"

Sound familiar?

These are all things we have heard from clients before
we've helped them with their bookkeeping.

Too many business owners feel like they’re in the middle; too small for “big accounting firms” but now have grown to the point where they no longer feel confident in this area. We can help.

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