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Tax Preparation & Planning

Does your business have a tax strategy? Our tax advisors are ready to create and help you implement your business’ most beneficial tax strategy.

We focus on Clients, not on Deadlines

Deadlines for compliance are nothing but maintenance when you take care of you business’ accounting throughout the year.  We assist our clients proactively with all of the back-office administrative tasks so that they can actually benefit from their accounting system.  Benefit from your accounting systems instead of just using it at the end of the fiscal year for reportingn taxes.

in We focus on optimizing you business’ accounting now so that compliance deadlines are nothing but maintenance later.

The taxes you are working on now are based on business decisions you have already made. But how are you impacting your overall tax efficiency for next year? It is more important than ever to understand your tax strategy and to be sure that you and your business will truly be benefiting in the end.

Professional Advisors

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Rachel Clark

Client Director

Emily Bryant

Founder - Tax Advisor - EA

Barbara Snow

Account Manager

Blake Powell

Tax Advisor - CPA

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