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We are Hiring

Tech-forward accounting firm looking for a Virtual Assistant to join our team.  Experience with and knowledge about Bookkeeping a bonus.

Job Overview

The ideal candidate must be tech-savvy, creative and constantly learning new market trends.
Experienced growing platforms on Instagram and Facebook

A Message from the Founder

General Accountabilities

Outline the duties and responsibilities you plan to give your Virtual
Assistant. Be as specific as possible when listing all of the important
daily tasks you expect the selected candidate to perform. Mention how
the job functions in the organization, and include if there are any
special responsibilities attached with the position.

Social Media Management

  • Well versed with Instagram, Facebook, and Linked In
    • Respond to DM
    • Engage in comment sections
    • Responds to audience engagement on behalf of our company in a fun, professional manner
    • Coordinate leads with Sales Team
    • Generates, analyses and reports audience information and demographics, and success of existing social media projects
    • Relays/schedules posts regularly on all the company’s social media platforms
    • Analyses campaign metrics and create reports to be presented to the team

Administrative Tasks

Prepare documents for clients
Update work management software

Job Qualifications

Take and pass our test!
Proven track record managing accounts
Prior experience in a similar role
Strong communication and networking skills
Good team player
Accounting/Bookkeeping knowledge (or experience!) a bonus

Key Competencies


Prioritizes and plans work activities, uses time efficiently, speaks up if additional resources are needed, follows through on goals and objectives.

Problem Solving

Identifies and resolves problems efficiently by gathering and analyzing information then develops solutions. Works well in group problem-solving situations and uses reason. Understands basic computer trouble shooting or has the ability to apply google search findings.

Written Communication

Able to tailor communications to reflect the style and values of the company
Writes clearly and concisely
Varies writing style to meet specific needs
Presents numerical data effectively
Able to read and interpret written information

Computer Proficiency

Must be knowledgeable with Quickbooks Online products as well have a working knowledge of PC applications like Excel, Chrome, and Gmail. Adaptable to new applications and new technology.


 An independent self-starter with a strong sense of ownership and responsibility for assigned tasks and due dates. This role is very autonomous with little micromanagement.

Working Climate

We work to service our clients the way we want to be serviced: completely and efficiently. A successful candidate should be committed to our growth goals and compelled to always do the right thing.

A successful candidate will be one of the key members managing the firm-client relationship for those assigned. They must be able to work independently with little supervision and must be results-oriented. Basic training about our business, processes, and expectations will be provided upfront. Additional training and coaching will persist throughout, but the successful candidate will be required to demonstrate independent success early on in the job.

Our business hours are Monday-Friday 9am-5pm EST with flexibility as life-related things come up.

We pride ourselves on being well grounded people who prioritize work-life balance. We work together as a team and strive for consistent and predictable results.  


A successful candidate should be comfortable in this environment and be able to excel within it. 

Does this sound like you?


The best part of working from home is having the support of our furry friends!

The Application Process

We’ve designed this process to test your existing knowledge so that by the time you meet with us, all we’re looking for is a culture fit. It may seem like a lot, but we believe in transparency and being perfectly upfront about our processes. We’re looking for individuals who appreciates that kind of outlook and is confident in their abilities to successfully jump through these hiring hoops. 

Start your application and quickly make it to the step 6 of 9 before you start waiting on us for the meetings!

1.  Send Us Your Resume

As a remote bookkeeper, working with different file types and uploading documents is a necessary skill. We’ll use this section to make sure you’re able to do that while also checking out your resume & QBO Certification.

2.  Typing Test

I know it seems weird that there is a typing test for a bookkeeping role, but a proficiency in typing makes a difference and demonstrates a level of comfort in using a computer.

3.  Test Your Knowledge

Answer general bookkeeping knowledge questions and middle school math. Basic tax concepts will be tested as well, since it has a direct impact on how certain transactions are handled in the books. There are 15 Questions and you must pass with at least 53%

4.  Tool Familiarity

We work with many applications every day and we’ll get a sense of how familiar you are with the tools that we use. Be honest with your answers and be open to learning if they’re new to you.

5.  Written Communication

We articulate complex concepts into an easily digestible format. Structuring your thoughts and getting the client to respond with all the information in one go comes down to how well you can craft and format an email.

6.  Zoom Meeting

You’ll meet with either Rachel or Aaron. They’ll tell you more about our culture and review your resume, get a sense of your personality and how comfortable you are speaking on camera. As a remote team, we are on Zoom a lot.

7. QBO Dry Run

Now, for the meat and potatoes! This is a hands-on practical knowledge test to verify your skill level as a bookkeeper working directly within Quickbooks Online. Instructions are provided and you have 1 hour to complete with a passing score of 80%. 

8.  1 hr Zoom Meeting

At this point, you’ve already proven your knowledge and competency so we really just want to get to know you as a person and for you to get to know us. You’ll have solo meetings with each team member along with Emily, the owner/CEO.

9.  Strengths Finder

This personality quiz gives us a deeper understanding of your dominant strengths and helps us get to know you that much better. This will help us make our final decision as well as learn how to best optimize your skill set!

Is this your cup of tea?