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Bookkeeping, Taxes & Guidance

for Service-Based Companies

How does Bookkeeping affect your Taxes?

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Our bookkeeping and tax services are tailored to your needs

Why us?

We are a group of professionals working virtually to provide a better bookkeeping and tax experience for service-based companies.

Our approach is to outline your tax strategy first so that your bookkeeping tracks everything necessary to ensure you don’t pay more than you have to when it comes to tax time.

Confidence in your Bookkeeping

Whether your business is needing training and oversight, fully outsourced services, or help catching up prior years, we will determine how to set your bookkeeping system with the best tax strategy in mind.


Stress-free Tax Seasons

When tax time comes, you’ll have to spend little to no year end work in gathering records, and will have had a clear estimation of tax your tax liabilities throughout the year. No more surprises this tax season!

Peace of Mind

We aren’t the regular accountants you hear from once a year.  Our standard process looks at 25+ specific items in your bookkeeping to ensure accuracy so that nothing falls through the cracks. Everything you need to do as a business owner for the year will be addressed and completed correctly.


Does your business
need help?

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