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Mileage Log for TPT Sellers


Are you a TPT Seller that uses your classroom to create content? Do you run errands for your business such as buying supplies from dollar tree or mailing your work to a product photographer? You can turn these commutes into a business deduction with proper record keeping to avoid paying more taxes than you need to! More details in the description below.


Learn from a Tax Accountant how to turn your commute into a business deduction! The mileage deduction is often overlooked by TPT Sellers because of the few miles that you drive. Clients often say that:

– They don’t meet with customers
– They might meet with a team member
– They don’t have to go to the store very often

But here’s the thing – if those DO happen, then you want to be tracking them to save money on taxes and you DON’T want to waste your time using a tracking app. You would end up swiping for personal more times than… than some kind of dating app joke!

BUT! If you are still in the classroom and are taking pictures for marketing purposes, creating reels or TikToks, then you could turn your daily commute into a deductible business expense and lower your tax bill by making some simple habit changes.

When you’re ready to start deducting ALL of your business expenses, download this Mileage Log Tracker and set yourself up for success.

Note – the Mileage Log is included in The TPT Seller’s Bookkeeping Guide


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