2-Page Summary of Business Tax Info for Teacher Sellers
All the business tax info your preparer needs, in a neat 2-page summary
Tax info needed including all your sources of income, expenses, home office, and mileage.

Tax Readiness 🔥 HOT SHEET 🔥 for Teacher Sellers


This user-friendly tool is designed to make tax season less stressful for Teacher-Seller business owners who do not have good bookkeeping and file taxes using a Schedule C.

The 🔥 Hot Sheet 🔥 is organized in a way that helps you organize and summarize the information you need to file your tax return quickly AND confidently. The 2-Page Summary is a fillable Adobe PDF, so you can easily complete it and print it out or even email/upload it to your tax preparer. This is also great for those that self-file!


The Tax Readiness 🔥 Hot Sheet 🔥 is PERFECT for smaller Teacher-Sellers who need a quick way to get ready for tax season, but don’t have bookkeeping in place currently.

This tool walks you through different income & expense categories, so you know how to categorize the transactions you pull from your bank and credit card statements. It has additional space for your Home Office and Mileage Deductions, as well as a place to record any estimated payments made throughout the year.

You will be left with a 2-Page Summary with totals that you can feel confident handing directly to your tax preparer (or use yourself if you self-file!).

This is NOT for businesses that have elected to be taxed as an S Corporation – Schedule C filers ONLY! – and while this is NOT a replacement for good year-round bookkeeping, it will help organize your data for the year in a pinch!


  • If you have a need to track vendor/contractor payments for issuing 1099s
  • If you have a Payroll Liability
  • If you have any errors or omissions in your bookkeeping (aka – you forget an expense, you categorized a refund improperly)

This 🔥 Hot Sheet 🔥 will NOT cover all of your needs.


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