Taxes: A Crash Course for TPT Sellers


This “Crash Course” is meant to educate you on an array of tax topics and illuminate things you could be doing better in terms of managing your TPT Income and overall tax situation.

Rather than spew unrelatable facts your way, you will follow the stories of 3 different “TPT Sellers” who are in all different stages of running their stores. You will be able to choose the persona that best fits you to follow along as you are watching and learning.

Duration: 30 Minutes

Topics Include (not limited to):

  • LLC Considerations
  • Bookkeeping & Tax Deductions
  • S Corporation Considerations
  • Important Dates & Deadlines
  • Home Office Tracking

Expect to learn about topics at a high enough level that you will know where to start with things, and some triggers to look out for in the future that can have a tax impact.

Don’t be afraid of taxes, understand them and optimize them!


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